Angry Gran

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Angry Gran is an ideal game for you to release all the anger in your body by being a gran and raising your unique weapon to smash all the people and objects.

The impression of this online game comes from every detail and feature. Let's learn about the Angry Gran Game, Gameplay To Play With Gran, and Angry Gran Theme Song to understand the above statement!

Angry Gran Game

Angry Gran Game runs on all platforms to satisfy the entertainment needs of all players as well as provide an ideal environment to show your talents. Especially, this online game is unblocked, so it's convenient and beneficial for all players to access and experience it. This feature is not normal because it will be a lifesaver for you when you are too bored and are in an area where certain websites are blocked. Those are the details on how to access this entertaining game. Now, let's move forward together to learn about the Angry Gran Series!

Angry Gran Series

Angry Gran Series tells you about the Gran character and a collection of related games. As the name of this series suggests, you will have the opportunity to enjoy many different experiences according to each activity of this grandmother. Some typical experiences of this character are: racing, playing Halloween, or running. All these major activities may not be suitable for older people because they can affect their health. However, everything makes sense in this series of online games. In today's main game, your main activity is hitting people.

Remind a little about our main character! You can easily see the special appearance of this grandmother. With her white hair, slim figure, and time-stained skin, Gran is the defining image of her generation. Despite her age, she is still very stylish with her unique outfit, shiny leather shoes, pearl necklace, and jade earrings. All these details exude an elegant beauty of a lady. Appearing with a gentle image while reading the newspaper at home, few can imagine her image when angry.

In conclusion, this series will give all players unique experiences by offering impressive characters and special situations. It is a note to all new players that new versions of the game will be constantly updated to give players the best experience. The old version is the previous version of this character, but there are unreasonable features. Therefore, if you play on our website, you can have complete confidence in its regularity.

All Characters In This Game

All characters in this game include 3 groups: angry woman, police, and other residents. The most familiar character is probably the angry lady who is the main character in all in-series games. This character will still have the same appearance, but her game has changed. Our grandmother will raise her weapons to beat everyone else along the way. This is what brings you to the second group of characters.

The second group of characters is a collection of police officers on patrol who encounters this angry grandmother. The police have a role to manage and stop her unreasonable behavior. Therefore, this group of police characters becomes the dangerous character for all players and you need to avoid hitting other characters when encountering police. The last group of characters is the victims who were beaten by the old woman. They can be old neighbors, young girls, dancers, and many passersby. Because the subject is an old woman, all of these victim characters will ignore even being hit.

These introductions have helped you understand partly the basic details of this Angry Gran game. Coming to the next part, let's go further into the details of the gameplay to play with Gran.

Gameplay To Play With Gran

Gameplay to play with Gran requires players to use their quick reflexes to control the main character and meet the requirements of the game. These gameplays will direct you to the official rounds to go as far as possible and get the most admirable leaderboard with several criteria such as Your Score, Your Coins, Distance, People Hit, and Obstacles Hit. As a result, you can partly know the important elements that you need to aim for in this Angry Gran game. Now, let's get into the details of the Rules of Play and Scoring.

Rules of Play and Scoring

Rules of play and scoring place players on common principles to bring fairness to all participants. Any violation will not be accepted.

First, the rules of the game will include how to control the character and hitting principles. The character Gran will automatically move forward and the only thing you need to control is to hit. Control her attack by CLICKING. It is a simple control way for everyone so that all ages can play this online game.

However, you cannot hit indiscriminately. As mentioned above, you will encounter many different objects along the way. Stay away from the cops who will tie you up if you hit them. Other residents are possible to fight, so beat all these normal citizens to get points. Besides, there are many objects such as chairs, cabinets, or fire extinguishers on the street. It is quite possible to destroy them and win points for you. While making shots, be careful and don't miss. It will cause your character to have back pain or headache and take time to recover.

Second, don't forget to read the scoring rules of this Angry Gran game. There are two concepts you need to distinguish clearly: Score and Coin. Score and coin are both calculated based on a common formula. Gain 13 units when hitting a person and 9 units when hitting an object. However, you will see the difference between the score and the coin after finishing a journey. The reason for this problem is the combos.

When you hit multiple characters or objects at once, you will receive more points than the specified amount, but the number of coins you receive will not change. Besides, the use of these two metrics will also be different. The score is simply the achievement you gain in each round and will lose after moving to the new round. Conversely, coins will be stored and help you upgrade your character and buy new items. In addition to 2 basic principles, other Angry Gran Elements are also necessary for you to create a successful round.

Other Angry Gran Elements

Other Angry Gran Elements provides other essential information to players when deciding to play this game. These factors are not so special, but they are necessary to create a successful round. Therefore, do not miss these details that will be available on the main game screen for all players to follow.

When the official round starts and you forget the controls or game rules again, don't hesitate to press the Pause button on the top left of the play screen. Let's stop and reread the helpful instructions in our content section. Another good way is to click on the question mark at the top right of the screen to get general instructions. These two actions will not affect your playing process because they will temporarily stop the game giving you time to perform other actions. Time goes on only when you are ready again.

While playing, you will need to move to a certain checkpoint with an end flag. A progress bar at the bottom of the game screen will allow you to see your distance. However, before reaching this destination, you will have to earn enough points that the game offers. Each distance will have a different number of required points and it will increase with each path. In particular, the movement speed of Angry Gran and other characters will increase, so you need to deal with more challenging situations. After reaching the finish flag, you will immediately proceed to the next ramp with a higher required score. Note that the points you earned in the previous round will also be kept and added to the next round.

Finally, are you curious about the item Gran used to hit the others? Besides looking at the gran, you can also look at the drawing version of that tool on the right. This tool can be changed using coins in the Upgrades, Boosts, and Weapons section.

Upgrades, Boosts, And Weapons

Upgrades, Boosts, and Weapons carry for you 3 essential factors to improve your playing process. These items will always appear after finishing each game round. It's time when you earn a new amount of money to have a budget to buy.

Coming to the upgrade section, you can buy Strength to increase Gran's attack speed, Discount to decrease the amount you need to earn before reaching a checkpoint, and Recovery to help you recover faster from backaches. These upgrades will save you a lot of time and use it to serve the process of completing the challenge. They usually start at $50 and they increase with each upgrade. The maximum number of upgrades is 10.

The second item is Boosts where you can buy a lot of unique items to support Angry Gran. There are 6 typical items including:

  • Horseshoe ($750) increases your extra money by 10-50%.
  • Magic Soup ($1,000) helps you get more discounts.
  • Pill ($500) allows you to automatically recover from a headache.
  • Jail Card ($500) acts as a bride after you hit the police.
  • Foot Massage ($1,000) gives you an additional chance after you fail to reach a checkpoint.
  • Drink ($1,500) gives extra strength to your gran character.

In addition, don't forget to purchase new weapons to equip your character. Now, there are 7 types of weapons with different appearances and prices. You can see a free hammer, a giant fish for $500, or a $5.00 skateboard. Other weapons like Chicken, Forbidden Sign, Pan, or Sword will cost between $10,000-35,000 respectively. Their value increases in proportion to their use which will also be stronger.

The benefits of upgrading and buying these items are obvious as you can increase your chances of winning. However, practicing and coming up with smart battle strategies will also help you achieve greater achievements. In particular, pay attention to the range of weapons’ effects. Each time your attack, your weapon can not only hit a person or an object but it is able to attack everything in range. Therefore, long weapons will also give you an advantage, and knowing the timing to use your weapons is better.

Finish all the details about the gameplay of this smashing game. Now, it’s time for us to continue with a new significant feature: Angry Gran Theme Song.

Angry Gran Theme Song

Angry Gran Theme Song impresses all the players with its lively and unique sound. Therefore, let’s turn on your sound when playing this entertaining game to enjoy the game to the fullest.

It is hard to describe how this game sounds in words. The music of this game is especially impressive with the catchy rhythm with the outstanding voice of Angry Gran. That voice only appeared for a few seconds, but it was enough to impress those involved. Besides, you will also hear a male voice sometimes appearing in the song's melody. This voice is still a mystery. Will a new character appear in this game with a familiar voice? Please look forward to the new improvements to this Angry Gran game!

Besides the sound of the game, the graphics are also a remarkable characteristic of this online game when all effects match the rhythm of the theme song. You can see the dance of each character from Gran to the police. You can also clearly see the painful reactions of the victims or the wreckage after each object is smashed. In particular, the reaction that appears when the police tie you up is very vivid. The huge police image will appear on the right in these situations and leave you impressed. The producer's effort to create great sounds and graphics is even more impressive as the game speed becomes faster and the effects are similar.