Angry Gran Run: Japan

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Angry Gran Run: Japan describes the exciting race of gran in Japan's cherry blossom country. Continue your escape from angry asylum and avoid all dangers.

Play Angry Gran Run: Japan

Angry asylum has been left to Japan, a beautiful country with brilliant cherry blossom trees and unique culture. However, the peace and beauty here will soon be disturbed by gran. Gran is as angry as ever and will disrupt everyone's lives. To start that wild life, let's start with the simplest thing: run and cause chaos all the way.

Playing this online game will give you the race against danger alone.

Against Dangerous Obstacles

Out of the angry asylum, gran is unfamiliar with the streets and objects of Japan. This will expose her to countless dangers when a small collision can destroy her. So what are the outstanding obstacles of this land of Japan?

You can face big sumo or see giant fish jump across a path. These images can be seen as symbolic images of this land.

How to Move in Angry Gran Run: Japan

The way to navigate in this version remains the same with the AD keys and the up and down arrow keys. Use these keys to move side, jump, and slide. Besides, the combination of these movement keys will also help you achieve admirable achievements.

To properly use the joystick, you need to carefully observe the obstacles in terms of size and shape. Don't jump over too high obstacles. Instead, silde and vice versa.

During the move, there were ordinary residents along the way. Crashing them will help you get extra bonuses. In particular, there is a progress bar to the left and it will x2 your earnings when it's full.

Other Important Ingredients

Because this online game is a version of the angry gran series, the standout features may be familiar to fans of the series.

One of the most featured components is Missions and Daily Task where you can challenge your control. In these two sections, you can see new tasks that the game offers every day such as running 10,000 meters or collecting 2,000 coins. These challenges are not only a place to help you practice your skills but also a place to help you show your ability to other players. Besides, worthy rewards will be given to you after completing them.

Another significant characteristic is Store where you buy power-ups to support the process by slowing down time, activating invincibility mode, and increasing collected coins. These items are worth about 200 coins but give you a lot of benefits. However, keep in mind that these items only use for a short time after activation.

Finally, gran will become more impressive after wearing unique outfits in the Costumes section and you can get many awards in Mystery Prizes. In this section, you can see items from common, uncommon to rare with different usage values. Especially, you have a chance to get 1 million coins when you win the jackpot or get tokens by running and purchasing with coins. Visit this section on a regular basis for well-deserved rewards!