Angry Gran Run: India

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Angry Gran Run: India opens a new race with angry gran characters in the country of India with miracles with gods, flying carpets, and dangerous snakes.

Familiarity In Angry Gran Run: India

Coming to this online game, you can continue to participate in the angry gran running series. The original version had quite a different gameplay, but it became more successful than ever with the running genre. A series of running versions have been released in turn with different themes. Now, the theme of India has been launched with indispensable features.

Gran Who Running Nonstop

Your main character is still the gran you who just escaped from the angry asylum and ran on the endless roads in India. This character makes a deep impression on all players thanks to his unique appearance and charismatic voice.

Instead of the image of agile young people, you will transform into an old woman with a bent back and white hair. However, gran's agility is not low because she is still extremely fast and she can conquer all roads if there is no collision. Besides that, her voice and laughter will occasionally appear in the background music. With only a few seconds appearing, that voice is still an impressive sound for all participants.

In particular, if you know how to take advantage of all the control skills, gran can run to infinity and non-stop and the speed will get faster and faster. Are all the elements of this particular protagonist enough to make you feel good?

Controls And Modes Of Angry Gran Run: India

The way to control the character in Angry Gran Run: India is unchanged from previous versions. You still just need to use AD keys and up and down arrow keys to do all the moves. Specifically, the AD key is used to move to the sides and turn when meeting corners. The up and down arrow keys are used to jump or slide in the face of obstacles.

In addition, modes such as Mission, Daily Task, Store, and Costumes are unchanged. These modes are still available and waiting for you to use collected coins to unlock. 4 power-ups and tons of skins are waiting for you to use!

Completely Different Features

Although most of the modes in Angry Gran Run: India are kept the same as in previous versions, there are undeniably unique characteristics compared to other gran volumes. The first feature is the Indian theme. All other versions take you to different places like Japan or Brazil. This version is no exception when you visit India where you will see nomads playing flutes to call snakes, magical flying carpets, or typical indigenous dances.

In addition, the summary table after each match has changed when it will summarize more information about your achievements. In particular, there are achievement bars that will fill up with each round. When these bars are full, you will receive appropriate rewards. If you don't want to do these tasks, you can use coins to skip them off the list.