Angry Gran Run: Christmas Village

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Angry Gran Run: Christmas Village continues gran's escape from Angry Asylum to run and conquer countless difficulties with the Christmas theme.

Angry Gran Run: Christmas Village Intro

Like the previous versions, this online game is still a version of the angry gran character who does not want to live in a boring angry asylum. Therefore, the aunt ran away and ran away from that boring place and headed for endless roads. However, the special thing is Christmas. She chose to leave on Christmas Day when the streets were covered with white snow and the houses were decorated to reflect the holiday's style.

The background of this running game is very cozy with a Christmas atmosphere. However, the image of gran running alone on these roads is completely opposite. The contrast is even more evident when gran is very happy with this solitude because she was able to get out of the angry asylum.

Coming to Specifics

This game is named Angry Gran Run: Christmas Village because of its theme. Although there are different features of the theme, the outstanding features will never be replaced.

Angry Gran Run: Christmas Village Sound

The angry gran series often uses the same sound source which becomes a highlight of this online game. Live sound is played on all the roads you pass. You can run endlessly while relaxing with impressive sounds. Moreover, this sound is lively to help you have more enthusiasm to conquer challenges.

Gameplay and Featured Elements

The gameplay of Angry Gran Run: Christmas Village has not changed compared to other running versions. You will also run on endless roads filled with Christmas-themed obstacles. You'll still see cars and big trees, but they've been covered with red hats or giant socks. These objects were originally symbols representing a peaceful Christmas season. In order to enjoy with this gameplay, there are 4 main buttons for you to control gran: AD to move, Up to jump, and Down to slide. This directing way is not similar to other running games which often have the control combos with WASD or Arrow Keys. The developers want to increase the difficulty level for all players when using these special hotkeys.

Besides the gameplay, other outstanding components such as Missions, Daily Tasks, Store, and Costumes will still be available on the game screen. You can still take part in extreme challenges in the Missions and Daily Tasks section and purchase power-ups and unique costumes in the other two sections. The price and use of all the widgets are the same as in the previous version. If you do not know or forget their use, you can read the instructions for use at the bottom of each item.

Finally, there is a special item that many players miss in the other version: Mystery Prizes. There is nothing more precious than receiving the rewards after conquering the extreme challenges of the game yourself. Look to the right of the main screen, you will see this section. There are great prizes from common to rare.