Angry Gran Run

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Angry Gran Run takes you to a new challenge with Gran as you start running on endless roads and avoiding dangers to achieve the most respectable achievements.

Angry Gran Run Information

This running game is a version of the angry gran series where everything revolves around an angry grandmother. In this new version, the main character of the game remains the same, but the challenges have begun to change. The first new feature is the gameplay of this online game.

Running Gameplay

Your task is still to continue to control the gran character but with other controls. You will use the AD key to move sideways while the up and down arrows are used to jump and slide.

Corresponding to this change in control, you will have a completely different running gameplay. On endless roads, let the angry woman run automatically forward and control only when facing obstacles. Obstacles can be cars, wooden bars, or other residents. Don't collide with these dangerous obstacles to run as far as you can by combining gran's movement skills.

Angry Gran Run Store And Costumes

The two items Store and Costumes are designed to create experiences for all players when accessing this running game. Each item will bring a variety of items with different uses.

Going to the Store section, you can visit a store with a variety of power-ups. Some outstanding power-ups can be mentioned below.

  • Slow Time helps you slow down time when needed.
  • Sprint helps you become invincible and move faster.
  • Invincibility allows players to have the ability to resist any obstacle.
  • Coin Multiplier activates coin multiplier mode for your character.

All these power-ups only cost you 200 coins while other items in Costumes will be much more expensive. Costumes section is the shopping area for your gran character. Here, there are many unique costumes like Wonder Gran, Thriller Gran, or Hipper Gran. Your gran will become funnier than ever when wearing these costumes.

Missions And Daily Tasks

Besides the endless race, you can challenge yourself with other components of Angry Gran Run, including Missions and Daily Tasks.

The mission section will ask you to complete a certain goal to get an achievement like collecting 500 coins, running 2,000 meters, or reaching 50,000 points. These achievements are not easy to achieve, but they give you many benefits and loot. If you want to keep track of your achievements, don't forget to visit the Missions section and select the trophy icon where you can see stats for Best Score, Most Coins, Fatherest Distance, Total Coins, and Total Distance.

Daily tasks will not appear continuously. Instead, you need to wait for this item to be activated before joining the challenges. Especially, you can get free coins and collect letters to receive daily prizes.

Besides these two outstanding items, there are a few other basic elements that help you increase the excitement of the game. You can choose the national flag that represents your country as well as the sound settings. The sound of this Angry Gran Run game has not changed from the previous version because this is its most outstanding feature. No player can ignore this lively sound, so don't forget to turn on the sound when playing!