Angry Gran Run: London

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Angry Gran Run: London will leave you with new impressions when exploring the capital of England, London where the Thames River flows with gran. Let's explore this place!

Common Points Compared to Previous Versions

This game is considered the latest version of the angry gran series where the focus revolves around the main character gran. Although going through many different versions, this series of games has no intention of changing the gameplay. The special thing is that it still attracts millions of players around the world. Let's learn about these attractive features together!

Endless Running Game With Gran

Belonging to the running gameplay, this online game adds an endless element to help players enjoy the roads until they get bored. The length of the roads cannot limit your steps. Instead, every decision to stop or continue is up to you.

You need to use your control ability to navigate the character gran forward while avoiding colliding with obstacles. There are many obstacles that are typical of London such as red telephone booths, clock towers, or royal soldiers. These objects can be anywhere along the way or appear out of nowhere to surprise you. Navigating to overcome these obstacles is extremely important to achieve the greatest possible distances.

Other Elements of Angry Gran Run: London

Besides the familiar gameplay, you will still see the outstanding elements that contribute to the name of this running game.

First, the soundtrack of this game is always a highlight for every version. The moving sounds combine with the voices of several characters in a number of different situations. You can hear gran laugh when she successfully overcomes obstacles or her scream when hitting walls. It is also possible to hear the screams of the victims when gran collides with them. Instead of hitting the residents with your giant hammer like in angry gran, you will directly hit other characters during your move.

Second, items like Missions, Daily Tasks, Store, and Costumes are integral to this release. You can still test your skills with challenges in the Missions section and receive daily rewards in the Daily Task section. The other two items are where you can use collected coins to unlock power-ups and skins for gran.

Finally, after each round, you can track your performance with a leaderboard. This summary will show your score, distance, and coins. Besides, it also allows you to open Costumes, Store, or Play Again directly with just one click directly on the symbol.

How to Control Angry Gran Run: London

The controls are unchanged when it comes to the London version. You will still use the AD key to move back and forth between the lanes, the left, and right arrow keys to turn, the up arrow key to jump, and the down arrow key to slide.

In conclusion, there are a total of 6 key skills based on the controls and you will have to use hotkeys flexibly to deal with different situations. This will become even more important as the game speed becomes faster.