Angry Gran Run: Paris

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Angry Gran Run: Paris becomes more exciting than ever as you continue the racing of gran in the romantic city of Paris, a completely new theme.

Challenging With the Romantic City of Paris

Another new version of this series was released with a Paris theme. It is not surprising that you will see the appearance of the icons of Paris, the Eiffel Tower, or the ancient museums on the ground. With this theme, Paris enthusiasts are not to be missed. Besides, the challenges in this city are also extremely thrilling for you to experience.

Race At The Speed Of Angry Gran Run: Paris

Gran always wants to escape from an angry asylum with the fastest speed, so it is not surprising that the speed of this game is fast. Your character will run very fast from the first moments of the game. You need to get used to that speed if you don't want to lose.

Besides, fast speed is not everything as it will increase over time. The farther and longer you run, the faster the gran's speed will increase to provide excitement and challenge. Gran will become more and more excited as she runs away from the angry asylum, so she will run faster. It will also test your agility to adapt to this speed.

Confront Unique Obstacles

Gran is always aiming for the Eiffel Tower to move forward, but there are always obstacles blocking her journey. There are giant snails, cars, and lots of residents on the street. You need to jump or slide over these obstacles to stay safe. The residents remember that the residents are the most pitiable object when they can't harm the gran. Instead, gran can get coins after hitting them. The most impressive obstacle may belong to the giant dinosaur. It only appears after you complete 1,000 meters. It has a huge height, so you can only use the sliding ability to pass this dinosaur.

All About Coins In Angry Gran Run: Paris

The coin is considered an important object in this angry gran series as you can do many ways to collect it as well as use them for many different purposes.

There are two main ways to collect coins: collect them along the way or get coins in the Daily Task. Your character will run on rich roads when coins are placed everywhere. They can stretch from lane to lane or lie on obstacles. The task is to touch them to collect them. Besides, the small residents are also a source of income for you. Every time you hit a citizen, you will get 1 coin.

The second way to collect coins is to go to Daily Task daily to get free coins and wait to receive cryptographic letters. These letters will bring you a great source of income.

After collecting a lot of coins, don't forget to use them on appropriate goals in Angry Gran Run: Paris. You can buy power-ups to increase your running ability or unlock skins for gran. Unique costumes will always be waiting for you in the Costumes section. Besides, while running, you will see a progress bar on the left side. The more coins you collect, the higher the bar gets. When you reach the target, the number of coins collected in the next passage will be doubled.