Escaping the Prison

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Escaping the Prison depicts the life of an online prisoner who always intends to escape from prison. Be this special character and deal with all situations.

Henry Stickmin In Escaping the Prison

Henry Stickmin is the main character of many online games in this series. This character stands out with his unique appearance when you can see the image of a stickman with a big head and slim body. In this new version, Henry will become a prisoner on our website.

At the beginning of the game, you will see an image of 2 prison guards chatting with Henry. Their story is unknown, but before leaving, these two guards gave Henry a gift box. There is a birthday cake inside that gift box. However, something particularly unexpected happens when there are interesting items that can help Henry escape from prison.

How To Use The First 6 Items

The first six items in Escaping the Prison are File, NrG Drink, Teleporter, Rocket Launcher, Cellphone, and Drill. The number of these items is more than the items of Angry Gran Run. They are all items that appear on the birthday cake. You just need to choose one of them to use.

File, NrG Drink, And Teleporter

Come with the first 3 items!

  • When you select File, you will have the next two options: use the file with a cell door or window. The File will help you destroy the barricade to create an exit. However, the exit from the window will cause you to fall from above and lose. In contrast, outside the cell door, there is a guard watching. You will advance to the donation with the guards if you make this choice.
  • After drinking NrG Drink, you will have a special ability: stop time and have unbeatable health. Everything around you will be stopped including objects and prison guards. You can easily throw the warden in the trash and go to the main door of the prison to escape. However, this NrG Drink will have side effects on your health. Do you dare to try this strange drink?
  • Teleporter gives you the ability to teleport. It can take you from the prison to the desert in no time. However, the destination is not at your discretion. The destination can be dangerous or safe!

3 Other Escaping the Prison Items

  • Rocket Launcher allows you to destroy everything in the path of this powerful bullet. However, the prison guards have gadgets that can redirect bullets. Are you sure you will shoot the bullet to a useful place?
  • Cellphone allows you to use your phone to communicate with other people. In particular, you can hire a lawyer to appeal your case.
  • Finally, the Drill is the final item in this Escaping the Prison online game. It helps you open the floor to a new room where there are other items like Opacitator and Crowbar. Using them effectively or not is up to your judgment.