Color Tunnel

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Color Tunnel encourages you to conquer extreme challenges in color tunnels to avoid red objects at high speed and get the highest score possible.

Color Tunnel Features

This online game does not have too many features, but each of its features is unique and interesting. They all bring a unique touch to help this game stand out in the endless gaming world.

The Unique Movement Mode

You will move in first person in this Color Tunnel game. Instead of looking at your protagonist from behind, you can seem to be immersed in your own race. There are no alternate characters shown on the screen. You will be the main character in this running game.

Besides, your path is an octagonal tunnel with 8 different platforms. These platforms are connected to create a closed race track. You can move from platform to platform like moving around a circle while moving forward. This unique move helps you move more flexibly and has many options to implement when facing obstacles.

To move in these octagonal tunnels, you just need to use the left and right arrow keys. Press to move and stop to only move forward!

Other Challenges In Color Tunnel

It is remiss not to mention the movement speed in this online game. You will move at a high speed right from the start of the game. Moreover, the speed will increase more and more as you advance into the tunnels. This movement speed can overwhelm you on first attempts. However, the next time, this factor helps you become more interested than ever. It's similar to Angry Gran Run: Japan when you also face more and more thrilling speeds.

Besides your movement speed, the moving speed of the obstacles is also a significant challenge. Red objects are deadly to you. With just one touch, your race will be over in an instant. The special thing is that these obstacles will move continuously. Not only do they move at different speeds, but their direction of movement is also not the same. In addition, you also need to adapt to many shapes of obstacles. This diversity will cause you to constantly face difficulties.

Create Remarkable Records

You need to conquer the above features of this Color Tunnel game to win high scores. Your score will be calculated based on your travel distance. The deeper you go into the tunnel, the more likely you are to receive admirable scores. After the game is over, you will get the score of this round. Besides, your highest score according to the record will also be shown to you. Through it, you can compare the changes in your ability to move through each play.