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Lightbot tests your programming skills when you need to light up blue tiles by creating a series of moves for your bot. It is simple but highly challenging.

Programming Commands In Lightbot

Your Bot in this online game is like a robot that needs you to program it to perform actions. Based on the principle of the robot, your Bot will also be similar to control.

During programming, you have 5 basic commands: Move Forward, Turn Right, Turn Left, Jump, and Light. Each of these commands corresponds to a control button with a unique symbol on the screen. You can see them at the top of the screen above. The Move Forward, Turn Right, and Turn Left commands are represented by arrows with the corresponding direction of movement. When you use these arrows, your bot will move in that direction in one square. Next, you can see an image of a character doing a jump in the air. It's the symbol for the Jump command. This command helps you control your character to jump over obstacles of relative height. Finally, the light bulb symbol represents the Light command. When you use this command, you can light up the square under your feet.

How To Conquer This Game

To conquer this intellectual game, you not only need to master all 5 buttons above, but also apply them flexibly to matches. Here, there are some essential guides for you to use these buttons effectively.

Where to Place Commands In Lightbot

At the bottom of the programming commands, you can see squares in three categories: Main Method, Funct.1, and Funct.2. In the Main Method section, you can perform official moves for your bot while the other two sections allow you to try commands. Why is this distinction necessary? It is because this online game will calculate the total commands you use to pass each level. Using fewer commands will give you high achievements. It's why you should use trial frames instead of officially moving from the first playthrough.

How to Place and Use Commands

You just need to use your mouse to drag the symbols of the commands. Then, place them in the position you want. The order of the commands is important because your bot will execute the commands from left to right and top to bottom respectively. Don't misplace any orders if you don't want to have to try again.

After placing the orders in the appropriate place, press the Go button to let your bot start executing these buttons, and stop the process by pressing the Stop button. After stopping, you can make changes to the buttons such as changing positions or adding or removing buttons. This only stops when you control your character to move to the correct blue tile and light that point.

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