Angry Gran Toss

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Angry Gran Toss has a completely new gameplay compared to previous versions when you use cannon to shoot gran as far as possible and use support items.

Angry Gran Toss With New Gameplay

Coming to this new version, you can clearly see completely new gameplay compared to all other versions in the angry gran series. If you are a fan of this series, you can experience a lot of different genres from running to fighting. Each gameplay features has signals of many genres to bring variety to all players. And, now, the Angry Gran Toss game has played a part in this diversity.

Instead of running or smashing, gran will experience flying in a unique way. Your character will be strapped to a cannon and you will adjust the force and direction to shoot the gran away. Your mission is to conquer the farthest distances possible.

To do this, you will need to use the mouse to change the direction of the shot and follow the force bar on the left to decide the time to shoot. When this force bar is high, you can use the strongest force and vice versa. Therefore, timing to use the strongest possible force is an important factor to be able to shoot gran far.

Results Of The Game

After the shots, this Angry Gran Toss game will announce and save your achievements.

Summary Table After Ending a Round

Each round will have 3 chances for you to shoot. After each such round, the game will summarize your play and show it in a table.

In this table, you can see some important parameters such as Distance, Best, Earned, and Total. These numbers both cover your last round and represent your best performance. It will make it easier for you to compare your results to see if you are getting better or worse.

Besides, there is other information about Chavs, Perfect Launch, Gift Boxes, Adverts, and Best Bonus. Another remarkable factor for you is the level of the soldier. This soldier will always appear in gran's journeys until you change it. The soldier will have an experience factor. The more you play, the more experience points you gain and help you shoot harder. To keep track of a soldier's level, look at the bottom left of the summary.

Angry Gran Toss Shop Aand Achievements

Shop and achievement are the two remaining important items of this online game. When you visit the Shop, you will be surprised by the variety of items here. It is possible for you to buy cannons at various prices. Expensive cannons will have more firepower and give you more advantages. Besides cannon, items like flying packs, guns, and specials are always available. It's just a matter of whether you have enough money to buy them or not.

In the Shop section, an element that cannot be ignored is the Pets that will accompany gran during flights. Please buy and equip for gran. It is revealed that the soldier mentioned in the previous section is a character from this Pets section!

Finally, the achievements section will be displayed with a trophy symbol on the main screen. When you enter this section, you can track the achievements that you have achieved during the previous play.