Angry Gran Run: Brazil

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Angry Gran Run: Brazil attaches itself to the striking images of Brazil while continuing the race against the series of obstacles when directing angry gran.

Beautiful Country Brazil

The angry gran character will never stay in the angry asylum no matter where she is taken. In this version, gran was brought to Brazil. This place is considered a typical destination for this beautiful country of Brazil.

So what happens when you have journeyed with gran here? First, you will see a small town with buildings of about 2 to 3 floors. The buildings are neither too luxurious nor too poor. The weather in the town is very sunny and dry. Each road is paved with golden stones that add to the heat of the game.

The outstanding images are not only in the background but are also shown through each obstacle. Referring to Brazil, we cannot help but mention legendary football. The football uniforms bearing the colors of the Brazilian flag will be hung in many locations. Besides, you can also see people playing drums and dancing in the street. This is about the images representing the festivals in this bustling land.

Angry Gran Run: Brazil Features

Besides the graphic features and the Brazilian theme, this online game continues to give all players familiar gameplay.

Control Gran In Angry Gran Run: Brazil

The character gran will continue to escape from the angry asylum and run through the streets of Brazil to wreak havoc and cause chaos. With the familiar gameplay error, you will continue to control your character with two AD keys to move to the sides and use the arrow and down keys to jump and slide. Each joystick has its own role. Besides, you can also turn to small roads with the AD key or the left and right arrow keys.

There is a point to keep in mind when moving gran. Gran always tends to move to the middle of the road even if you don't press any buttons. Therefore, it is necessary to control to avoid obstacles even if you are not moving in that lane. In particular, Brazil will have quite a few small alleys or dancers dancing at the edge of the road. Applying this control will keep you safe.

In addition to moving to other lanes, you should also focus on jumping and sliding. Some obstacles will only appear when you get close to them. You need to be very focused to realize this danger. There's a tip for you to spot unexpected obstacles. This type of danger usually only appears when you get to the smaller alleys that are easier to observe. Therefore, always be ready to jump or slide when visiting these areas.

Additional Elements

Other modes like Missions, Daily Task, Store, and Costumes are always available on the main screen for you to access. You just need to click on the corresponding icon to perform quests, receive rewards, buy power-ups, or unlock skins. These dynamics are always available for you to access as long as you have enough coins.

Another prominent element is the summary table after each lap. The summary table has been changed as it is displayed with fewer parameters. Only 3 main parameters remain Score, Distance, and Coins.