We Become What We Behold

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We Become What We Behold opens you up to a unique Circle and Square world where you can take any photo and show it off in front of everyone. These photos will lead the game to the next developments.

What To Do With We Become What We Behold

This online game will bring you to another world compared to Angry Gran Run: Brazil. You will own a camera and a projection screen in the center of the space. Your task is to take pictures and they will be shown on the big screen. Everyone can watch it. Photos are like a channel of information in this online world. All characters in the game will receive information through the photo and thereby express their emotions.

This Game Progress

This game evolution will happen according to the photos you take. To get an overview of what can happen in this game, you can follow some details below.

Start We Become What We Behold

Starting this online game, you will see two main types of characters: Circle and Square. These two characters differ in the shape of the head. Despite their different characteristics, they live peacefully with each other. There is even a couple between these two characters.

However, this peace will not last long because it will be broken by the photos you take. You'll capture what's special going on in this community and how it's impacting their lives. For example, if you photograph a person wearing a hat, that hat becomes viral in the community. Those are the normal effects of the photos. There will also be negative effects. If you take pictures of people fighting, you will create an underground reactionary life in the community.

Ending With The Effects Of The Photos

You will see a lot of new things in this Circle and Square community. You can see Circle and Square fall in love, see an angry Square and even see fights. The fighting images will cause anger between Circle and Square because these two characters inherently have many provocations. Over a long period of time, a war broke out between the two peoples and created a terrifying battle. Do not believe it? Try playing this We Become What We Behold game and you will see the fight there. No matter how the pictures are taken, the end of the game will lead to a deadly fight.

However, there is a meaningful and positive detail at the end of this game. Do you remember the Circle and Square couple that fell in love at the beginning of the game? Not only do they help make the angry man more gentle and friendly, but they are also the sole survivors of this game. Through it, you can see a meaningful message of the game: love will help us live in peace instead of war. War only brings suffering and death.

This online game is simple but has a deep meaning. It gives players entertainment in a very different way.