Angry Gran Run: Mexico

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Angry Gran Run: Mexico takes place in Mexico where gran continues her endless escapes from the angry asylum. The races seem simple but extremely challenging.

Highlights About Angry Gran Run: Mexico

A series of different versions of angry gran games have been released in the past time and their hotness has not decreased. Following this popularity, the Mexican version was published to give all players a new experience.

New Experience in Mexico

Have you ever participated in any running competitions in Mexico? This country will make you impressed by its rich culture and imbued with national identity. If you have never been to this beautiful country or are planning to come here, this online game is a magical door to open up opportunities to explore online.

So what are the Mexican features that you can discover in this running game? Coming to the game, you cannot ignore the structure of buildings and roads. They have a strong Mexican structural style when the buildings are classical in style and the streets are paved with large square bricks. Besides, you will also see a variety of colors on the roads and buildings.

After that, don't forget to see the obstacles which are also designed based on the Mexican style. The most impressive item may be the wide-brimmed hat with stones embedded in its brim. These hats even become huge enough to cover the entire road. Through it, you can see the great importance of this hat to the culture of Mexico.

New Missions And Daily Task

The two sections Mission and Daily Task are familiar to all fans of this series. In this new version, you will receive new challenges from the Missions section while the Daily Task section will continue to provide you with prizes through each day. Especially, one day you can receive a lot of different letters to win a huge amount of coins. Only when you have enough coins in your budget, you can buy all you want in Angry Gran Run: Mexico.

Instructions At The Beginning of the Game

Like all the others, this new version will also guide you at the beginning of the game with the simplest instructions possible.

  • First, use two keys A and D to control your character to move left and right. The two keys are also two keys used to move when facing narrow roads. Even if you are moving in the left or right lane, the gran will automatically move to the middle of the road. Therefore, these two keys are important to help you move in the right lane you want.
  • Second, don't forget to use the up and down arrow keys to jump and slide. There are many obstacles of different sizes and shapes. You need judgment to know the appropriate method of movement when facing each type of obstacle.
  • Finally, two left and right arrow keys will help you turn to other corners. The roads won't stay in a straight line forever, so turning to either side is necessary to avoid hitting the walls.