Aliens Gone Wild

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Aliens Gone Wild pulls you into the world of fighting aliens by shooting continuously while defending and protecting yourself in absolute terms.

With this unique shooting gameplay, you will be immersed in a new entertaining environment while exploring a wild destination!

Aliens Gone Wild Gaming World

The setting of this online game takes place in a wild desert where you will face many mysterious creatures. They are called aliens with the shape of a cactus. This is not difficult to prove because you can easily see through the appearance of your opponent. Red sand roads will also always appear on the map to prove the description above. These features will create a wild place for you to conquer and show your fighting skills when you have to face various dangers and challenges.

Transform Into A Cowboy And Kill Aliens

Your opponents are aliens with the ability to shoot continuously. In particular, they can change the direction of shooting flexibly to aim at you. If you get hit by a bullet, your health will decrease until you die. Therefore, avoiding attacks is an urgent task for you.

To avoid the bullets, you have two options: move to dodge or attack to destroy danger. To move, it is easy with your mouse to pull. Shooting enemies will be even easier because your cowboy will automatically fire bullets while moving on the road. Finally, don't forget to collect more companions or more powerful guns to support your battle with more bullets and chances to respawn.