Angry Dad

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Angry Dad improves your control skills by taking you into a boy and being chased by his girlfriend's dad. Can you run away to escape from this endless chase?

Angry Dad Running Way

The running way in this online game is similar to many other running games that you see on our website. It's the reason why many players feel familiar with this gameplay. However, only when you directly participate in official races, you can know exactly what you have to face.

As the game name mentioned, the most special thing is the dad who is extremely angry because he detects his daughter's love with a strange boy. Let's transform into this boy and protect him from the dad. The anger of the dad can make many players remind another angry in angry gran where the grand also use weapons to attack other characters.

Returning to the Angry Dad game, in order to run, the game provides you 4 hotkeys including arrow keys.

Your Rewards And The Way To Get

All games on our website often provide you with attractive rewards or bonuses to create impressions and attraction. This game's rewards are scores, stars, coins, and bottles. Scores will show the distance you can run while the number of stars is a stat to express your abilities. In addition, you can access the Market section to use coins and purchase useful items like magnets, double jumps, or extra coins. Finally, don't forget the existence of bottles that you also collect in the running process. The function of bottles is to build a complete moonshiner which will bring advantages.