Angry Gran 2

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Angry Gran 2 continues the angry gran story by giving you a second chance to hit all others with your special weapon. However, don't forget to avoid the police!

Familiar Hitting Gameplay

Hitting gameplay is unchanged when you need to use a weapon to hit the laners. For each successful attack, you will receive coins. However, the police are prohibited. You cannot hit the police. Besides, if you miss, your character will hurt her back and take time to recover before making the next shot.

The Innovation Of Angry Gran 2

The second version of angry gran is officially released on our website to give all players a new experience. Coming to this new game, the playing elements have been renewed with more interesting features. Let's list together some of the outstanding innovations of this game.

Normally, you would use left-click to control your character, but this second game allows you to use a more powerful swing by holding and releasing your mouse. This attack is especially useful for collecting extra coins which are usually hidden in objects or people.

Besides, you can perform your tasks more easily based on bonuses. There are 3 main bonuses: health potion, energy potion, and horse hooves. Health potions help you heal faster, boosters give you more strength, and horseshoes give you a lucky charm.