Bad Bodyguards

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Bad Bodyguards is a defense game combined with the strategy where you will hire bodyguards to keep the protagonist safe from dangerous zombies. However, you will face challenges when your money is limited while the number of zombies is endless.

The Way To Against Zombies

You have only one way to fight the zombies: hire guards to attack the zombies.

At the beginning of the game, your main character is the white character and he stands alone in the middle of the playing field. This character has only one ability: move with the WASD keys. After a while, zombies will appear and move toward you to attack. Quickly hire a security guard by clicking on the guard character in the bar below. These characters will follow you and use their abilities against zombies. However, this battle always gives you challenges that you need to pay attention to.

Notes For Bad Bodyguards

  • First, you need to take care of your money. You need money to hire security while your money is limited. Make money by attacking and killing zombies.
  • Second, your character will be destroyed if it is attacked by zombies three times.
  • Finally, you need to pay attention to the price and function of each guard. These two factors are different between the defenders, so their attack efficiency is also diverse.