Ball Blast

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Ball Blast is based on shooting gameplay where you control a cannon to destroy meteors for points. Meteors fall from the sky continuously to test your ability.

Popular Ball Blast Game

This game is famous on many platforms from mobile to PC. You can use your smart device to visit our website and select this game to play. Thanks to the efforts of the developer Voodoo Studio, this game appeals to millions of players around the world.

In particular, it becomes more and more addictive when you play the game for a long time. The pace of the game will constantly increase and the number of meteors will also be more. You will face more challenges, so don't forget to upgrade your cannon to increase your fighting ability and get more benefits. New or upgraded cannons usually have better firepower and greater ammo capacity.

How to Shoot Meteors

Meteors will fall from the sky and bounce when they collide with the ground. In the process, if they collide with your cannon, the game is over. Therefore, you need to avoid any collisions. In particular, meteorites can break into pieces and make you face a more difficult situation.

To destroy them, you just need to move the cannon right and left. The cannon will fire automatically and the meteors will be destroyed when it reaches the required number of times.