Battle Wheels

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Battle Wheels is an online fighting game where two cars fight and deplete the enemy's health bar to find the winner. Don't forget to equip your battle car!

Difference Between Battle Wheels 1P And 2P

Immediately after accessing this action game, the game will allow you to choose between 1 Player or 2 Player modes. The difference between these two modes is your opponent. If you want to fight random players, go for 1P mode. 2P mode will be the ideal place to invite friends and fight together on a new battlefield. The control in these two modes is simple. It just revolves around the left and right arrow keys and the AD key.

Official Car Matches

Before entering the official matches, you can go to the garage to unlock new battle cars. These cars are extremely important to decide your victory in matches.

You will drive your car to crash into the opponent's car. Your goal is to try to crash into the body of your opponent sitting in the car to lower their health bar. All matches will end when a player runs out of health. However, each match will take place in 3 rounds. Whoever gets 2 points first becomes the final winner.