Billiards Classic

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Billiards Classic offers epic pool matches for all players to compete against their opponents, put the 8 ball in the hole, and win the game.

Balls In Billiards Classic

In this snooker game, you need to pay attention to 4 types of balls out of a total of 16 balls on the table. There are 7 smooth balls and 7 striped balls. These two types of balls will belong to two different players. They are distinguished by the color of the ball. The plain balls have only one color while the striped balls will have extra white in two areas. Besides, the game will have a number-8 ball. It's necessary to end the game. Finally, the cue ball is indispensable. It is usually white and is used to hit other balls.

Basic Rules of Billiards for Beginners

Both players have 7 balls at the start and you need to hit all of your 7 balls into the hole. After that, if you get the 8 ball into the hole, you win the game. While moving, you can only use the cue ball to move. This cue ball is allowed to hit the side of the table before reaching the object balls. Note that two players will play alternately. However, if you get an object ball into the hole, you get an extra turn.