Blob Opera

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Blob Opera heals your soul with wonderful ensembles with blobs. Are you ready to control blobs and make great music by dragging and creating different pitches?

All 4 Blobs

This online game is designed with music style with 4 blobs: bass, tenor, mezzo-soprano, and soprano.

Functions Of 4 Blobs

These four characters will have their own functions with different styles. This factor is similar to reality to ensure the educational value of this game. Besides entertainment, it is also an effective way for you to learn and create great music. Here you can learn the basics about blobs.

  • Bass (Purple) allows you to sing different pitches.
  • Tenor (Blue) allows you to sing different vowels.
  • Mezzo-soprano (Green) is the highest voice leading the harmony.
  • Soprano (Red) to command all blobs to sing together.

The sound of these blobs can make many players remind to the upbeat music of Angry Gran Run: Mexico to enjoy great song as well as challenge their control skills.

How to Control Blob Opera

How to control the blobs depends on your mouse's drag. For example, you can adjust the pitches by dragging them up and down. If you want to change the vowels, drag forward and backward to do this. When all 4 of these blobs work together, you can perform ensembles. However, it is also possible to mute one or more blobs by clicking the sound button on top of that blobs. If you want to reactivate it, just click it again.

Other Special Features of Blob Opera

After all 4 blobs appear, you can start the ensemble and re-record them for your own needs. Besides, look at the tree-shaped control button on the bottom right. Click this symbol, you can activate Christmas mode. Your blobs will be wearing adorable Christmas hats. Moreover, a new control button appears next to the tree. Clicking on this section, you can see a list of songs like Jingle Bell, Silent Night, Joy to the World, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, and Away in a Manger. Several other songs are also available for you. You can play any song you like. Switching and playing that song is also easy to do with the controls available on the screen.

Finally, enjoy the expressions of the blobs when singing. They will show their expressions through their flexible eyes. The eyes are known as the windows to the soul. As a result, you can see their funny expressions clearly. This feature is also noticeable in this Blob Opera game to bring entertainment to all players.