Block The Pig

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Block The Pig enhances your thinking ability by finding ways to surround an adorable pig and prevent it from running out of the allowed area.

How To Stop The Pig

Did the appearance of the pig in the meadow surprise you? This pig will move when there is a player's impact. This inspiration has made playing all online players a fun game.

There are hexagons on the playing screen and it can be built into fences. You can only place one hexagon per build to deter your pig. However, after each placement, your pig will quickly sense it and move in any direction. It will be a battle between you and the pig to see if you can build faster or if the pig can move faster.

Tips For Block The Pig

Your first advantage is the first 3 stones. This game will allow you to place 3 times before the pig moves for the first time. Taking advantage of it will give you more advantages after starting each level. Besides, do not forget to determine the appropriate location before placing the stones. According to the experience of the players, it is appropriate to place the bricks far away from the pig. If you place the stones too close to the pig, the pig will have more chances to avoid your fence.

It may be difficult for you to win the first time you play but everything will get better after you practice a few times. Be confident and prevent the pig with blocks!