Car Parking Pro 3D

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Car Parking Pro 3D is for online racers to show their driving skills, especially parking. Move a car to the specified location and wins precious achievements.

Car Parking Pro 3D Rules

At the beginning of this online game, you will control your car to reach the parking spot. Parking location and starting point are both specified by the game and can be clearly seen on the main screen. Now, your task is to find a way to bring the car to the destination. The movement is very simple when you just need to use the mouse to draw a line. Your car will move along this path and move forward. As a result, if your line is towards the destination, your car can also run to the goal.

However, this parking game will not be easy for you to win all the prizes by bringing obstacles.

Challenge With Obstacles

On the map, objects such as fences, blocks, or traffic hats can appear in any position. They will prevent you from reaching the destination position. In particular, when advancing to high levels, the arrangement of obstacles will become more and more complicated. You will need to resort to a variety of strategies to overcome these challenges. However, it is also an opportunity for you to show off your control and intelligence.