Clicker Heroes

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Clicker Heroes changes the normal fighting gameplay with monsters. Instead of using powerful weapons to combat, you just need to click to conquer the fronts.

Simple Clicker Heroes Gameplay

A simple adventure journey opened for the first time in the gaming world. Coming to this unique fighting game, all the powerful weapons such as swords, bombs, and guns are absent. Instead, your only support item is your mouse. Place your hand on your mouse and click on the monsters to reduce their power until they are destroyed. With monster deaths, you will get a lot of benefits.

The Benefits of Killing Monsters

The monsters in this Clicker Heroes game will not attack you. They can only stand still for you to destroy. Moreover, they bring players a lot of benefits.

All Basic Benefits

When you kill a monster, you get coins. The amount of this coin will not be fixed because the value of the monsters will also change according to the level. When you kill the first 10 monsters, you can proceed to the second level. This level 2 will automatically appear on the upper forest-evolution bar. If you want to change the level, you need to click on the corresponding level.

After changing the level, you can see that the amount of coins you get after each monster increases from 1 coin to 2 coins. Another game called Angry Gran Run: Paris also gives you rewards by coins.

How To Get The Most Achievements In Clicker Heroes

Monsters in this online game will have an increasing amount of health with each level. You can only need to click 10 times to kill a monster at level 1. However, it is 15 times at level 2. If things continue like this, you will spend a lot of time and energy fighting.

To solve this difficult problem for all players, this Clicker Heroes game provides you with heroes to assist you in the battle. For example, you can buy Cid, the Helpful Adventurer with 5 coins to increase battle power by 3 clicks. Or Treebeast for 50 coins will help you click automatically. Note that after each hire of heroes, their price will increase.

Besides heroes, the achievements section is also a notable part of the game where you can keep track of your achievements.