Crazy Cars

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Crazy Cars takes you into the exciting gaming world of driving where you can experience racing with other players and go through thrilling rounds and obstacles. No driving world can be more exciting than this online game.

The New Driving World

Coming to this Crazy Cars game, you have the opportunity to experience an exciting world of cars with two 3 outstanding features.

  • This online world allows you to compete with other players in 2P mode. You and a friend can compete together on the same device with simple controls. One player will use the WASD keys while another will use the ARROW keys. If you don't like competition, it will be possible to switch back to 1P mode with just one click.
  • Countless obstacles and ramps are designed to create an exciting racing environment. Instead of straight paths, you will face slopes, barriers, or blocks. Let's control skillfully to avoid colliding with these obstacles because you will waste time. Time is extremely precious to win in competitive games. To win, you should save every second.
  • Outstanding colors are an attractive feature of this driving game. Every road, obstacle, and vehicle is impressively designed with a variety of colors.

Vehicles In Crazy Cars

In the world of online racing, vehicles are the most important factor in creating a successful race. Therefore, this new game creates a Garage section for you to select, unlock, and upgrade cars. First, you can unlock 18+ cars. Then, observe the technical indicators of that car. Second, don't forget to use collected stars to upgrade the car's elements based on the technical specifications and make the car more powerful.