Defend the Tower

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Defend the Tower is a game that combines attack and defense with different towers of weapons to defend your castle from a variety of special monsters. In this new online game, your planning skills will play an important role in gaining victory.

Plan To Arrange Towers

In this Defend the Tower game, you can attack and defend by building towers. A tower is a weapon for you to destroy enemies. The monsters will continuously move towards the castle and you need to destroy them. To accomplish this goal, you need to have a suitable plan to arrange the weapons. Especially, with 20+ towers, you need to understand all their uses and functions to arrange the most suitable way. They only work best when you put them in the right places. For example, anchor towers have the ability to attack far away, so you can place them in remote locations. In contrast, cannon towers are suitable for close positions because their range is shorter.

Defend the Tower Against Monsters

Your enemies are monsters. These monsters are also divided into different types and each type will have a different speed and health bar. Therefore, to destroy them, you also need different weapons. Fighting monsters will be the top task of all players. Try to conquer it and overcome each wave of monsters!