Dreadhead Parkour

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Dreadhead Parkour ensures to bring you exciting races with a special character, Dreadhead. Many challenges are waiting for you to accompany Dreadhead.

About The Main Character

In this running game, your main character is called Dreadhead. Why does he have such a name? Let's find out together through some of the following information.

Dreadhead's Appearance

The first impression of this character is white. His whole body is covered in pure white. No other colors appear on his body. The special thing about this character does not stop there. The legs, arms, eyes, and other organs are all the same as those of normal humans. However, his hair left a deep impression on many players. His hair consists of only 5 strands. Each strand will be colossal in size. They move with each character's movements. This makes the game more special in the hearts of online game enthusiasts.

The appearance of the Dreadhead can be described in a number of such details. However, you can influence this look by equipping him with some unique outfits. There are 11 different skins that are unlocked by using coins or watching ads. The variety of costumes will be clearly shown if you change from Spiderman, and Batman to Mario costumes.

Through these details, you can see that Dreadhead has completely different characteristics compared to gran in Angry Gran Run: Christmas Village.

This Character's Abilities

Your Dreadhead Character has the ability to run very fast. However, because he ran at high speed, he couldn't avoid obstacles by himself. Therefore, your help is very necessary to protect him from danger. Use your jumping and sliding abilities to conquer all the obstacles of this game.

Entering the Dreadhead Parkour Conquest

The process of conquering this online game will go through many different stages. When you open the total map, you can track your running progress through each small island. These islands are where you will conquer challenges and tracks.

As the name of the game, your track will be designed from the parkour. These parkours will create slopes, caves, and even deadly traps. To conquer these dangers, you need to have courage, especially because you need to know how to apply Dreadhead's skills. Move forward while jumping high to avoid the long spikes. Or go through long and narrow caves with the sliding skill. To perform these skills, you just need to use the corresponding ARROW KEYS. All 4 arrows correspond to 4 movement directions. Trust the Dreadhead's flexible moves and beat all difficulties in this adventure game!