Drive Mad

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Drive Mad applies driving principles in a special way when your car becomes loose and prone to tipping over while facing a variety of difficult terrain.

Describe Your Car In Drive Mad

Your car is more like a truck when it has 4 large wheels to adapt to different terrain. This car has a significant characteristic: it is very loose and easy to move forward. With just one light control, the car can also move forward or backward, so you have to be very careful when playing this driving game.

To describe the car, it would be remiss not to mention the capabilities of this car. You have two unique abilities to control: move forward or move backward with left and right arrow keys.

Goals Across the Game

The goal throughout all levels in this Drive Mad game is still to move safely to the destination. As long as your car can reach the finish line, the game will immediately announce the victory for you. However, with challenging terrain and traps, you won't be able to do that easily. It is not to mention the obstacles that can stop you anytime on the track. Being able to overcome all these challenges or not depends on your controlling skills.