Duck Hunt

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Duck Hunt closes your boring time with exciting duck hunts with your pet dog. It is the time for you to aim properly ducks and harvest your spoils.

Necessary Items

On your upcoming hunting trip, you need to know the information and functions of some of the following items to collect the most loot. In addition, another journey with Angry Gran Run: London will bring you a new experience with a famous city. Don't skip this opportunity to come to London land online!

List Some Necessary Items

In any hunting, a good gun is indispensable. The gun will help you attack the ducks from afar. From there, you are not hindered by distance. In particular, the ducks in this online game can fly flexibly, so other methods of catching like trapping are not feasible.

In addition to the importance of guns, bullets are extremely necessary for hunting. Only when the gun has ammo, the gun is useful.

Finally, your hunting companion is an interesting dog. It will always track your every shot.

Some Duck Hunt Requirements

Although this game is comfortable to access, it is the opposite when you start an official match. A match will only take place when you meet the number of ducks. You must not let the ducks escape too much. If this happens, you lose. Conversely, when you collect enough ducks, you will win and proceed to the next level.

The second requirement is how to use the gun. You use the gun by moving the sights with the mouse and clicking to shoot. Note that the limited amount of ammo at each level will make it difficult for you. Shooting all the bullets while not meeting the requirements means the game will be over.

Duck Hunt Score

Each captured duck will bring you 1000 points, so the higher the amount of loot, the higher your score. When you catch all the ducks in a level, you will advance to the next level with new ducks. Scores will continue to accumulate in the next levels. As a result, your score is also increased gradually with each level.

However, points are not the only loot for you in this Duck Hunt game. You can also enjoy its great entertainment. As mentioned above, your companion dog will constantly make you laugh with his amusing expressions. Look at the way he smiles when you miss your shot and also his happy expression when he picks up a duck!