Electron Dash

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Electron Dash is a running game in which an astronaut traverses a series of space tunnels. These tunnels contain many dangers waiting for you to conquer! As for running gameplay, players may be familiar with a lot of online games like Angry Gran Run. However, this new game will take you to a whole new space and gameplay.

Electron Dash Space

Coming to this online game, the environment is an endless cosmic space where you can see the stars in the distance. Besides, the black background always highlights the vastness of the universe. Appearing in this special environment, your character will run in tunnels with platforms. These tunnels will have special structures. These can include obstacles and useful items. In particular, you can face dangerous platforms that will collapse as soon as you touch them. Therefore, you will always have to be careful with every element of this running environment.

Running Guides In This Space

In this new space, you just need to use the AD key or the left and right arrow keys to control your astronaut character to move sideways. In order to jump, you can use the W key, the up arrow, or the spacebar. These three hotkeys all have the same function. While moving, you remember to avoid the lasers, collect the hearts, and jump over the gaps.