Endless Siege

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Endless Siege is a battle for the defense of fortresses to protect your castle from a series of dangerous monsters. Build and upgrade to form a solid defense.

In this fighting game, there are 4 main types of towers: Ballista, Torch, Canno, and Time Warper. Each of these towers has different combat abilities. In particular, you can upgrade them to increase the rate of fire and damage.

Ballista and Torch Of Endless Siege

Ballistas are archery fortresses with the ability to shoot arrows. This fortress has a purchase price of 100 coins and an upgrade price of 50 coins for the first time. This price is the cheapest of the 4 types of towers, so its damage is the smallest.

Torches are flames. Its fireballs have more damage than a ballista. The price of the Torch is 150 coins and the advanced price is 50 coins. Buying these towers will notice the amazing effects when the fireball is fired.

Cannon and Time Warper

Cannon is a heavy cannon when you use 250 coins to buy and 80 coins to upgrade. The cannons will shoot stones with great damage. However, their downside is slow firing. To increase its damage, upgrading the cannons is inevitable.

Time Warper is the ultimate tower that comes the power to overpower the enemies. When your enemies enter the area of this tower, their speed will be slowed down and you have more time to kill them. Its selling price is the most expensive at 500 coins. If you want to upgrade it, you will earn 100 coins.

Note that the price to improve the tower the next time will be higher. When installing these towers, base them on their attacking abilities.