Fish Eat Fish

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Fish Eat Fish sets you up in an ocean world with countless marine animals with a survival rule: big fish eat small fish. Living here is a challenge.

Select Your Fish In Fish Eat Fish

As you probably know, in this online game, you can immerse yourself in an endless ocean with countless different sea creatures. Each creature has the same characteristics as in the real world. With such a diverse number of creatures, you will also have many opportunities to transform into many different characters.

Before proceeding to an official match, this game will allow you to choose by clicking to change your character. You can choose a handsome blue fish or a beautiful red snapper and change the color of your character.

In particular, this Fish Eat Fish game allows 3 players to play at the same time, so you can choose 3 characters.

Start As A Small Fish

You can only become a fish after starting the game. If you want to become stronger, you need to eat fish that are smaller than yourself to increase your body size. A larger body will help you eat more food and reduce the danger from other sea creatures. Especially, you can dominate the whole map if you become the biggest fish in the ocean.

To achieve this goal of domination, the ability to control fish is extremely important when you need to avoid dangers and collect small fish immediately. This importance is comparable to the Color Tunnel where you only have the ability to move to avoid death.