Fishing Frenzy

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Fishing Frenzy takes you to the vast ocean where you can fish thousands of different types of fish to entertain. Catch them all and get amazing achievements!

This fishing game will open you to a new underwater world where there are many miracles.

Underwater Miracles

Coming to this Fishing Frenzy game, you can immerse yourself in a vast high sea and look at sea creatures swimming everywhere. You can see ferocious sharks, beautiful starfish, or funny clownfish. These animals will all appear on the game screen and become your target.

Besides, this underwater world will become more magical when it gives you power-ups like clocks to get more time or treasure bags to get more points. What effects will these power-ups have on you? Come to the next section to learn about the rules of this online game.

Fishing Frenzy's Rules

This game will require you to achieve a certain number of points to complete a level. For example, level 1 will require 250 while this will increase to 500 points at level 2. Therefore, you need to work hard to achieve your goals.

To reach the goal, you just need to control your character to fish with the arrow keys. The left and right arrow keys will help you move while the down arrow key will help you drop the bait. You can control the length of the fishing rod by pressing and holding the down arrow key. Besides, don't forget to press spacebar to drop bombs that help you catch a lot of fish.

However, during the game, you need to pay attention to the time because each level only has a limited amount of time.