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Fowlst introduces a special fighting game where you take control of an owl with a strange way of flying and how to kill opponents by smashing.

Fowlst's Way of Flight

This game will help you transform into an owl and fly in a new way. Instead of flying like normal birds, they will jump step by step to fly high. Jumping more will help you to fly higher.

While flying, you will see unexpected opponents appearing on the playing screen. Drop yourself to collide with opponents to destroy them. However, your opponent's ability to continuously shoot will make it difficult for you. After facing these challenges, what will you get in return? Enemy deaths will give you points and items. Some special enemies will carry items and drop them off to you after death. A featured item is the immortal heart which gives you the supernatural power to withstand all bullets.

Upgrades And Hard Mode

The Upgrades section allows you to upgrade your bird's health, and buy egg bombs, rockets, and magnets. These items will appear in matches. After upgrading, they will give you more power and, of course, your winning rate will become higher. Therefore, it's no reason for you not to take advantage of upgrades.

In addition, Hard Mode, another remarkable part, will bring higher difficulty like its name. Only come to this mode when you are ready and firmly grasp all the controls with left and right arrows to move, and the up arrow button to use items.