Frog Block

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Frog Block is a reaction game with the main character Frog. Your frog character can create a lot of clones to move through blocks with different heights. How to create clones and what rewards can you get through this online game? Let's join the game immediately to know!

Create Frog Clones

Your main character is a frog with the ability to move continuously forward. You cannot change the direction of its movement. Instead, you can just create frog clones with your mouse. Each mouse click will help you create a clone. Thanks to these clones, the frog's height will gradually increase. This is completely in your favor to move through the blocks. However, the blocks will challenge you with different numbers and heights. You need to react quickly and create the right number of frog clones. If you use too many or too few clones, it is possible to lose.

Rewards Of Frog Block

In terms of rewards, you will receive two main rewards: coins and levels. You can collect coins directly along the way. However, to collect coins, you need to make sure the height of the frog is equal to the height of the coins. Higher or lower both make you miss valuable coins.

Besides, after completing each map and obstacle, you can upgrade your level by progressing to a new level. New levels will be more challenging and give you more interesting experiences.