Garfield Rush

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Garfield Rush is a race of the leopard Garfield to fight the dangers and collect the rewards it deserves. The yellow panther will be your main character today.

Run With Garfield Rush

Let's start the races together in this exciting game! A leopard named Garfield is waiting for you to start this race. This character is famous in the US for the comic series of the same name. Currently, this leopard will take on the challenges alone when participating in dangerous journeys to find treasure.

Running with Garfield is simple because you only need to use the mouse to control your character. The character Garfield will automatically run forward. If you want your character to move left and right, slide the mouse. When you want to jump or slide, left-click and move the mouse up or down. Developers use this control to suit mobile devices. Players will have more options when it comes to this running game.

Score, Coins, And High Score

This Garfield Rush game will score points based on the distance that you complete. Your score will be high when you run far and overcome many obstacles. Your highest score will be saved by the game. Besides, during the run, you will see a lot of coins along the way. Collect them to buy powers like Coin Magnet, Shield, 2x Coin, or 2x Multiplier. These powers will help you conquer higher achievements.