Geometry Dash SubZero

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Geometry Dash SubZero opens a winter world for all players to join the geometry adventure with the Press Start level and 2 modes: Normal and Practice.

The highlight of this new online game lies in the Press Star level and the two modes available. Let's learn about these two main elements of the game together to see the basic features!

The Press Start Level

The Press Start level is the first level in the Geometry Dash SubZero version with 1 star. Because it is the first level, it will be the easiest difficulty to suit many ages. It's like a prep round for all the players to get used to the challenges of this new version. This new version will bring blocks and spikes, the most common obstacles. These obstacles will appear singly first. After that, they will appear simultaneously with different combinations. As a result, challenging paths full of dangers are formed and create a unique level.

Moreover, coming to this level, you have the opportunity to experience the uniqueness of sounds and images. All elements give you the feeling of winter.

2 Modes Of Geometry Dash SubZero

The two modes of this subzero version are Normal and Practice mode. You need to complete Normal mode to move on to the next level while Practice mode gives you checkpoints to improve your mobility and capture the entire map. The map in the two modes of the same level is the same.