Geometry Jump World

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Geometry Jump World helps you jump to a colorful world with a series of spikes and blocks. Jumping is your only ability to avoid dangers and conquer 2 worlds.

Noticeable Point Of Geometry Jump World

When joining this online game, you cannot skip how to control your character: just click or tap the up arrow key to jump. The easy level of control often creates a strong impression on players. Besides the control point, this new world of Geometry also has very eye-catching graphics. In particular, you will see a change in color. These visual effects will appear when you touch obstacles or use items. With this impressive design style, this online game always leaves the players impressed with colorful racing tracks.

Levels With Support Items

With each level, this running game will provide you with two modes: Practice and Normal. You can use checkpoints to mark the distances you have completed. The most important mode is Normal which is required to proceed to the next level. Only when you complete 100% Normal mode, the next level can open for you to discover.

Besides, you also pay attention to high levels where there are jumping pads or jumping rings. These jumping pads and rings will aid your jump by helping you jump higher or jump in the air. Sometimes, these support items are necessary but sometimes they will harm you. Therefore, your judgment is essential to decide whether to use it or not.