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Goosegame.io builds a duck house where players transform into ducks to gather food and fight each other to survive. Power-ups will support your battles.

Goosegame.io Modes

This multiplayer game will give you two modes: Standard and Last Hero. Standard mode will give you an ideal environment for endless combat. The ducks will compete with each other and become giant ducks. In contrast, the Last Hero mode will not go on indefinitely. The matches will end when there is only one duck left.

These two different game modes will bring variety and meet the needs of players. To change the mode, you just need to press the Mode button on the main screen. Besides, don't forget to unlock items like hats, beaks, and legs for your duck.

Join The Duck Battles

The duck battles will take place relatively similarly between the two modes. There's a lot of food on the map. Move your ducks to collect them and increase your size. The larger size will give you more power. Besides, speed and health power-ups are always available on the map. Collecting them will give you many benefits.

To control your duck, always slide your mouse to move and be ready to click the left mouse button to move quickly or attack other ducks.