Gun Mayhem

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Gun Mayhem searches for the strongest warrior with the ability to use guns and other weapons to destroy opponents. The fighting in this game is uncompromising.

Custom Game And Gun Library

Before going to the official gun battles, you can learn about two outstanding features: Custom game and gun library.

Custom Game mode allows you to set game rules for the match such as game mode and game options. There are 5 game modes: last man standing, last man standing (team mode), duck survival, gun game, and 1 hit 1 kill. All these modes are available and you can choose whichever one you want. Besides, you can set the number of respawns, crates, and pickups in Game Options.

Next, coming to the Gun Library, you can see 4 basic types of guns: SMGs, Snipers, Shotguns, and ARs/LMGs. Each type of gun is designed with many different shapes and colors. Of course, only a few guns are free while others require you to unlock to use.

Start Gun Mayhem

By selecting Campaign, you can see 8 levels and 2 Boss stages waiting for you to fight. You need to enter each level and stage in turn in order. Remember to choose your character before you start. Besides, if you want to play with friends, don't forget to add a coop partner even though there is an opponent available in each match.

How to control

Player 1

  • Arrow keys = move
  • [ key = shoot
  • ] key = bomb

Player 2

  • WASD = move
  • T = shoot
  • Y = bomb

With several buttons to control, it seems similar to the complex of Lightbot when you need to use many commands to complete a level.