Idle Mining Empire

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Idle Mining Empire is a mining world to drill deep underground and collect valuable metals. In particular, upgrading is an important mission in this idle game.

It's peaceful gameplay in contrast with Temple of Boom where you can join intense battles with dangerous monsters in ancient temples.

Idle Mining Empire Shaft

Buying a mineshaft is the first thing you need to do when coming to this online game. The game will give you $10 on the first stage and the first shaft also costs $10. This is the cheapest price for a shaft. The next shaft will cost a lot more. For example, to buy the second shaft you will need $1000.

Although the price of shafts is increasing day by day, their benefits are attractive and make us unable to stop buying them. So what are the benefits of these shafts? Let's go to the next section to get more details about this idle game.

Your Digging Process

Shafts are the only places where workers can dig and mine underground minerals. To start mining, click on the workers to make them work. Then, bring these minerals to the surface and sell them for profit.

However, this work will take a lot of time. Therefore, this Idle Mining Empire game will allow you to upgrade workers and hire managers to make the mining process automated. Besides, don't forget to buy more shafts to mine deeper where there are more precious minerals.