Laser Charge

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Laser Charge is a gaming world with battery power from lasers. With this outstanding feature, let's use your ability to direct the laser to the target location.

This new game will be an ideal destination for you to entertain as well as show your talent through puzzles. The increasing difficulty of the game will continuously challenge your ability to handle situations to win the levels.

Principle Of Laser Charge

The principle of Laser Charge is to power your battery by shining a laser at it. Only with laser, this energy world can operate and progress to a new level.

When playing, you will have two unique items to affect the direction of the laser beam. The first item is a laser box that allows you to move in 4 fixed directions: left, right, up, and down. The second item is small platforms that are randomly arranged on the playing screen. These platforms are impossible to move but they can rotate in 8 directions. The number of directions is already more than that of a laser and it will help you a lot during the game. The question is whether you can take advantage of the flexibility of the platforms or not.

Other Fun Factors When Playing

Other factors are also quite diverse to help the Laser Charge game attract more players. One of the most attractive elements is the music that helps you immerse yourself in the gaming world as well as entertain after a long hard day. After that, you can visit the Shop section to choose for yourself beautiful backgrounds and laser skins. All these items are free and you just have to enjoy them without any missions.