Line Game

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Line Game is a control game with a flexible line. It can accelerate and decelerate based on its length and move flexibly to overcome obstacles in the tunnel. When joining this game, there are 2 main factors for you to pay attention to.

The Goal Of Line Game

The goal of this game is to move through obstacles and reach the green destination to complete a level. Each level will bring you different experiences with unique paths.

First, you will move through the tunnels. The tunnels always have a black background to create a mystery for the game. Second, the obstacles are all red which symbolizes death. Avoid any collisions with them to continue the game. Finally, you can choose the difficulty level for the game according to the letters a to h.

Although there are many options and features, your goal is only one. Always aim to keep your line safe and move forward!

Flexible Movement Of Your Line

Your line in Line Game can move flexibly with two controls WASD and your MOUSE. You can choose one of these two control methods before entering the game.

To understand how to control your line, you need to know about its moving principles. Your line can move in all different directions based on your control. The special thing is the way the speed changes. As your line shortens, its speed will decrease. Conversely, a long line can move very quickly.