Ludo Game

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Ludo Game involves a strategy game where you roll the dice to move your pieces to the finish line. The battle between 4 players will always be ready for you.

Do It Before Starting Ludo Game

Before starting this online game, you should know some basic information. This puzzle game is considered one of the classic games from the real world to the online world. It popularizes attractive puzzle gameplay. It can make many players remind to Escaping the Prison with challenging puzzles. To meet the entertainment needs of players, the online version of Ludo Game promises to bring you moments of great entertainment.

When you come to the main screen, you can choose your avatar, write your nickname and install it. Besides, you can also choose between playing against bots or playing in online mode with 2 players or 4 players to diversify your entertainment experience.

The special thing in online mode is that you can chat with other players while playing.

Basic Gameplay For All Modes

No matter which game mode you choose, there are a few guidelines that you must follow.

First, you need to wait for your turn to roll the dice. The number of points on the dice allows you to move your piece step by step. However, you need 6 points to get your piece to start the race. The next steps will not be specified.

Second, the rule to win this mind game is to get all 4 of your pieces to the finish line before your opponent.