Mario Runner

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Mario Runner gives you endless races in the Mario world but it's based on a dino game style. This familiar gameplay is redesigned in a new style.

Mario Runner World

The world of Mario will unfold in a new style as it is inspired by the game no internet, a dino game. When coming to this running game, Mario will only run on an endless straight line that also contains familiar obstacles such as chimneys or fins, or mushrooms. These items are familiar in the Mario world but they will be arranged in a whole new style of dino game.

Running To Join The Top 5

If you want to start this running game, you can only use two joysticks: Spacebar or Up Arrow Key. When you press either of these keys, your character will start moving and jumping at your will. You need to take advantage of the character's ability to jump to avoid colliding with the obstacles that randomly appear on the screen. They can appear continuously and include many items to make the game difficult. Use your mobility and handling to conquer any challenge in Mario Runner.

While running, this online game will score points until the game is over. Your scores can be saved and formed into a summary with two factors: the 5 highest scores of the day and the top 5 of all time. However, you need to remember to enter your name to enable this storage capability.