Math Duck

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Math Duck gives you challenges through a series of levels where you need to control your duck to collect numbers and get a golden key to open the exit door.

Main Math Duck And Controls

The duck is the main character of the game and it is also an object that you can control. You can use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to move the duck. This duck will be able to move left, right, and jump up corresponding to the hotkey. In addition, you can also restart the duck's journey by pressing the R key. Controlling the duck is very important to win this game because it is the decisive factor to complete the two next elements.

Puzzles And Game Time

The puzzles always appear at the top left of the play screen. You need to find the answer to the blank and collect it. This answer often appears in the duck's room. Besides, there are also wrong answers. You need to use your math ability to find the right answer. After you choose the correct answer, a key will appear at a random location. Quickly proceed to this location to get the key and open the exit door. You will need to move quickly because time is limited.

At the bottom right, you will see the time spent on each level. You can only perform your task within this limited time while the time will only be counted in seconds. The time budget for each player is short, so moving quickly to solve the puzzles will be the best method to win.