Matrix: Ragdoll Fights

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Matrix: Ragdoll Fights is inspired by the legendary Matrix movie as you transform into the main character and duel with many opponents around.

Hand-to-hand Combat Method

This fighting game will give you a fiercely competitive environment where you will fight alone with a lot of opponents. They will constantly surround you and attack you when approaching.

To successfully fight and win battles, you need to master the abilities of your character. It is not difficult to move and attack the enemies as you just need to use WASD keys to move and left-click to attack. In particular, you can move quickly by using the spacebar. Running faster will help you so much to avoid your opponent's attack.

How to Conduct Battles in Matrix: Ragdoll Fights

The matches in this online game take place in two different ways: level-based battles to complete missions or endless fights until you're destroyed. The difference between these two modes is the time of the matches. Instead of fighting until you're destroyed to find your limit in Endless mode, you can enjoy level-by-level victory in Level mode. The fighting method is your choice before starting the match by pressing the Play button or the Survival button on the main screen.

Both of these modes require the player to use combat combos to destroy the enemy because the enemies will constantly appear and surround you. If you don't destroy them, they will attack and kill you. In this situation, fighting is natural because you have no other choice to protect yourself.