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Minesweeper waits for the winners to conquer the entire screen without hitting any bombs. Are you ready to explore a map with only bombs and numbers?

Minesweeper Rules

The rules of this online game may be familiar to many players because this game was released a long time ago. It also quickly became one of the most popular and classic games in the gaming world. Coming to this classic game, you need to pay attention to two factors: how to play and how to win.

How to Play Minesweeper

Take a look at the main interface where there are a lot of small squares. You can see up to 480 squares. Behind these squares, there will be 3 cases: blank, number, and bomb. If you hit the empty box or the number box, you can continue to select other cells. However, the bomb box that appears will signal the end of the game. Therefore, avoiding the squares with bombs is a prerequisite for all players.

Guide To Winning

To win in this particular game, you cannot rely solely on luck. Instead, you need some effective strategy to avoid choosing to hit the bomb. Here, there are some tips you can follow.

First, you can see that numbers can open many safe squares at once. Therefore, there are a lot of safe squares placed close to each other and they often appear in the middle of the playing screen. The squares on the edge don't have many connections, so you can pick them up in the last play.

Second, don't forget to calculate the frequency of the squares. Do not select consecutive squares that are close to each other. It was the most dangerous location where the bombs were hiding. Finally, playing this entertaining game many times will give you a lot of experience and good strategy.

Time And Level

This Minesweeper game will time from the time you start the game until you choose to hit the bomb. Time to complete a level will show your superhuman ability. The short time proves that you have conquered the game with ease that many other players cannot.

Before playing, remember to choose the difficulty level for your level with 4 options: beginner, medium, expert, and custom. Let's choose when you can because it'll be impossible if you come to Angry Gran Jump Up. In each of these levels, the number of squares and the frequency of bombs are different. After playing, don't forget to look at your score in the upper left corner of the screen.