Moving Co.

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Moving Co. gives you the opportunity to run a moving company to clean up every house and make a profit in a limited time and the increase of level difficulty.

Moving Co. Operation

Like the actual shipping companies, your work will be the same after joining this arcade game. However, there are many features that have been changed to fit an online game.

This online game will take place in each shipment for each house. Each house will need you to transport all the furniture and complete a level. The furniture in the houses will be arranged in a messy way and it needs you to rearrange. Put items of the same type in the same box before placing them on the transport vehicle. After taking all the objects, you can proceed to move to the next level.

Requirements And Profits

While playing this entertaining game, you need to meet a time requirement. The time for each level is limited to what you can track in the timeline at the top left. The time bar will descend and warn you when time is running out. Move the furniture as fast as you can before the time runs out.

After each transport, you will receive an amount as your profit in each level. However, these rewards will become increasingly difficult to collect because the number of items in each house will increase. Of course, the amount of money you earn will also increase, so all your efforts will be completely worth it.